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  • Caitlin Yau

July 19, 2019- First Day of the Outdoor Education Camp

Today, the students left to go for the first day of the TDSB Etobicoke Outdoor Education Camp. At around 11:00, the students arrived at the camp, where they were greeted by the staff. They set their bags down in their rooms before going to lunch, which was served at 11:30 AM. After lunch, the students had an in-class lesson where they played educational games such as Guess Who. They also got the chance to write in their journals. They mainly wrote about nature and what they looked forwards to the most in the upcoming days. After class, the students were given some free time before dinner, which was at 5:00 PM. After the dinner, the students were given a small tour of the borders of the area, and then they did orienteering, which was a small game where they tried to find hidden objects from around the area. At 8:00 PM, the students were given snack and brought to shower. After showering, they had free time until 9:45 PM, which is when they were sent to sleep.

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