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  • Caitlin Yau

July 26, 2019- Niagara On The Lake, Niagara Falls

Today, the students got the opportunity to visit both Niagara on the lake and Niagara Falls. After arriving at Niagara on the lake, the students got around one hour to explore the streets. Many students got to eat lunch there, as well as try out Cows, which is a Canadian ice cream shop. After gathering together in the designated meeting spot, the students had a small graduation for the students leaving after the third week. After the graduation had finished, the students then boarded the bus and headed to Niagara Falls, where they got to take many photos of the falls, as well as explore the surrounding area and Clifton Hills, which was a popular tourist attraction. The students boarded the bus back home at around 3:00 PM, and arrived back at school for dismissal at around 6:00 PM.

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