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  • Caitlin Yau

July 23, 2019- Soul Drum Workshop

Today, the students got the opportunity to participate in a drumming workshop ran by Soul Drums. The students were split into separate groups based on their classes, and were brought to the gym, which is where they learnt to use African-style instruments. The first classes to do the workshop was Ms. Kim's class and Ms. J's class. After they finished with their workshop, the students took a thirty minute break outside. After the break, Ms. Tibbet's class went for their workshop. At around 12:00 PM, all of the students were brought to the gymnasium, and they gave performances to their peers based on what had been previously taught. They finished their performances at around 12:30 PM, and had lunch at 12:45 PM. Lunch finished at 1:45 PM, and the students returned to class to do some in-class work, such as researching information for future trips. The students were dismissed at 4:00 PM.

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