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  • Caitlin Yau

July 20, 2019- Second Day of Outdoor Education Camp

Today, the students started the morning at 7:00 AM. They went for breakfast at around 7:30 AM, and finished eating at 8:30 AM. After eating, the students had free time until 9:00 AM, where they were split into three different groups and sent to do different activities prepared by the staff of the camp, such as biking, archery and a photographic hike. After they finished with those activities, they were brought inside for free time until lunch, which was at 11:30 AM. After they had finished lunch at 12:30 PM, the students were given free time until 1:00 PM. After their free times, students were divided into two groups. One group stayed with the teachers to do some class work, while the other group went to the swimming pool. After around one and a half hours, the group rotated for another hour and a half. After the lessons, dinner was served at 5:00 PM. At 6:00 PM, the students went outside for two games of "Capture the Flag". They finished the game at 8:00 PM, and went to sleep at 10:00 PM.

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