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  • Caitlin Yau

July 16, 2019- Learning About Food and Tourist Spots, Art Classes

Today, most of the students, except for Ms. J's class spent their mornings doing in-class work. While Ms. Tibbet's class learnt about food from Canada and food from other cultures, Ms. Kim's class learnt about the different tourist spots that the class would visit in the upcoming weeks. While those two classes were doing their in-class work, Ms. J's class was having an art lesson on Block Letters, where students got to make their own stamp-like paintings out of pencils and thin pieces of cardboard. After lunch, Ms. J's class did their in-class work, while Ms. Kim and Ms. Tibbet went to do their art lessons on graffiti. The students created their own graffiti designs and painted them with water colours. They spent the entire afternoon doing this. Their day ended at four, which is when

they were sent home.

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