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  • Caitlin Yau

July 10, 2019- Gym Games, STEM: Egg Drop Challenge

Today, classes started at 9:00 AM as usual. In the morning, the students were taught about Canadian money. At around 10:15 AM, the students took a break outside like usual, and returned to the gymnasium at around 10:45 AM. In the gym, the students played the cup game, where they used strings and an attached elastic band to move cups into a tower formation, the island game, where students asked their peers question and moved to different "islands" while being eliminated, the hula-hoop game, where a hula-hoop was passed through the students without breaking a chain, and zim-zap-zop, a fast-paced game where students continued the rhythm quickly until someone was eliminated. The games went on until 12:00 PM, which is when the students had their lunch break. After lunch, the students returned to their classes to do some in-class work until 2:15 PM, where they had their afternoon break until 2:35 PM. After their break, students participated in a STEM project called Egg Drop, where they build capsules to drop their eggs from a high height. The goal of the Egg Drop was to see if students were creative enough to have their eggs not break when dropped from a high height. The students day concluded at around 4:00 PM, where they were dismissed.

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